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Greg Page is President and CEO of the sprawling PKPI empire, which basically means he's the one to blame if something goes wrong. Greg directs and produces alot of the PKPI projects, and has 16 years experience in riding herd on child actors and (even worse) puppeteers. When time allows, he also enjoys editing and creating animation for select projects. For fun, Greg, his wife Pam, and son Daniel like fishing, snow skiing, and sailing. Daniel Page is turning into quite an animator and graphic artist himself.

John Hussey is director of Post Production for PKPI, and a talented Editor/Producer. A refugee from the LA rock scene, and a former Geffen artist with the band Little America, John and his wife Maria have been in Nashville since 1995. He has two sons, Christopher and Jackson. In addition to his audio production and editing work, John is a talented Grip and Cameraman. His Emmy Award winning sound design on the Nashville Predators Show opener is an example of his work. With any luck at all, he'll soon be doing everything, and the rest of us can take little time off.

Melba Ferrell has been with PKPI since 1991. Lately she's moved to part time, as she pursues her freelance Acting and Voice Over career. Melba has also been busy as a production co-ordinator for various companies around town. In addition to the many other jobs she does at PKPI, Melba is the one who cuts the checks, so treat her well, or face the consequences.

Adam (Admo) Wirdzek is a talented Berkley School of Music grad. One of Adam's famous quotes is "I just wanna Rock!" Leaving is Rock star days behind him, he has moved into becoming a talented producer / editor with great success, so it may not be long until we have to find another person to keep us all in line.

Bryan Everett has been with the PKPI Team since 2002. He has been producing multimedia since 1996 and holds a specialized Degree in Digital Media. He has played crucial roles in implementation of streaming media systems for television networks and internet based companies. His roles here include authoring CD-ROM's, DVD's, website design, streaming media implemention, and maintaining our in-house networking. He loves those digits!

There are also a number of Part Time or Project by Project team members that contibute greatly to the content and look of PKPI Projects. Just a few of them are:

Daren Thomas is an experienced Avid Editor, and all around great guy, who lends his post skills (and awesome Media Composer System) to numerous PK Projects. Any resemblance to FogHorn Leghorn is strickly coincidental...

Chris Cates serves as Studio Manager, Grip, and general do everything guy around PKPI. He just graduated from Watkins Film School and has directed several short films with the most recent playing at the Nashville Film Festival. He is well on his way to directing a full length feature in the future.

Michael Carnes Producer and Assistant Director on many major projects.

Jimmy Patterson brings high quality camera, lighting, and grip work to many of the
projects PKPI produces. Although Jimmy thinks we book him just for his
skill set (which is strong) we've learned that lots of freelance calls
assures us an invitation to the Patterson's frequent Cajun Blowouts, where
the Crawdads are served up by the bushel basket...

David Van Hooser formerly full time with PKPI, now full time with The Rennisance Center, and project by project with us. David directed and produced the very first SB commercials to hit the air, and was the writer of Trollies 2 and 3, among others. Recently, he brought home multiple Emmy Awards for PKPI with his great work on Don't Follow Me. Dave is as nice, and as talented a gy as you could hoep to work with.)

Brian Parker creates most of the sets and props you see in our work. Though he seems like a full time employee 'cause he's always in the shop, Parker Designs is actually a seperate company. Brian has won 1995 AND 1998 Regional Emmy Awards for set design , requiring him to purchase a significantly larger hat...

Matt Coale is the person most responsible for our lighting and camera look on film and video. An award winning Director of Photography, Matt was with us the first time we rolled tape back in 1985, and has added his touch to our productions ever since. When not working with us, Matt has DP'ed on feature films, and major music videos and commercials for Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Hank Williams Jr.

Dennis Scott is the guy we turn to for Audio Post, and terrific musical compositions. Dennis is a Grammy and Emmy winning composer, besides being a great script writer. Dennis is known by kids across America as the voice of Rockin' Troll.

Janet Ivey serves as Casting Director and Kid Wrangler on many of our projects. She is also director of P-K Talent, our newest addition to the PKPI family. When not on camera or behind a desk, Janet teaches college level classes in perkiness.

Jody Bailey does a little of everything around PKPI, mostly keeping the "Dark Side" of our network online.(The Windows Machines) The great thing about having Jody on a job is that he can entertain the Kids and Crew with Juggling, Magic or the often present Unicyle. Sure, you may call him Jody, but he'll always be "The Great Jodini" to us....

Animax Designs is the company responsible for the incredible puppets, and a number of the sets used in our shows. A multiple Emmy winning company, Animax regularly designs and builds characters for Disney, Universal, and national advertisers. Chuck Fawcett runs Animax, and constantly turns out world class work.

Other regular members of the team include:

Eddie May Master puppeteer and voice talent, Has taken over the Snowbird Character since David Privett, the original Snowbird, moved to Colorado.

Mike Halsey and Don Culwell of Magnetic Dreams are Lightwave 3-D Graphics artists, have been responsible for animating some of the coolest stuff we've done

All these people play an important part in creating the projects that PKPI delivers.

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